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If WiziShop is mainly known for its eCommerce solution, the company has other advantages to help online retailers. Have a look at the different services edited by the group.

eCommerce Solution

WiziShop is, before everything else, an eCommerce solution based on performance.

Guides Shopping

Guides Shopping services gather 5 Shopping guides with a high traffic and help online retailers boost their visibility online.

eCommerce Contest

The "Formidable Ecommerçant" contest highlights the dynamism of the eCommerce industry.

eCommerce blog

The WiziShop eCommerce blog deals with news of the industry and provides precious tips to help online retailers to succeed.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group called "Réussir son eCommerce" gives the opportunity to online retailers to share their experience and good practices.

Experts Ebook

62 Expert Tips to succeed in eCommerce (free Ebook available in 4 languages)


WiziShop.TV gathers tens of videos to learn about eCommerce: tutorials, webinars.

Ecommerce Night

Since 2015, WiziShop has been organizing the "Formidable soirée du Ecommerce" getting together more than 300 eCommerce enthusiasts.

Our History

Launch of our blog

The WiziShop French blog is officially launched in July.

The Wizishop eCommerce blog helps, every day, online retailers to get into the online sales market and develop their activities. Themathic files, news, monitoring… All the subjects are dealt with in order to help online stores to succeed.

Official launch of our eCommerce solution

After several months of beta tests, early users can register on WiziShop.

October 1st, 2008, the WiziShop eCommerce solution is officially launched for everyone. A quick registration, an easy-to-use interface, innovative features and a price based on performance are quickly seducing hundreds of online retailers.

WiziShop publishes its first book

"Réussir son marketing web" is a 360 pages book to guide online retailers in their communication strategy

The eCommerce book “Réussir son marketing web,des campagnes de communication efficaces pour un site e-commerce rentable” was proposed to French online retailers by WiziShop, in collaboration with Serge Roukine.

First fundraiser

The best French fundraisers invest in the WiziShop brand!

Kima Ventures (Xavier Niel), Jaïna Capital (Marc Simoncini), Orefi (Jacques-Antoine Granjon) and Olivier Rosenfield are now part of the WiziShop’s capital in order to make it leader of its sector.

First edition of the "Formidable Ecommerçant" contest

WiziShop brings together twenty partners and goes meet the best online retailers in France.

April 2014, the biggest French eCommerce contest sees the day and seduces more than 750 online retailers. Since, each edition has been gathering more and more partners, online retailers and prices (more than 135000€ of prices will be shared for the 2016 edition!).

Launch of the international blogs

Such as the French blog, WiziShop helps English, Italians and Spanish online retailers to succeed in the creation of their online store.

The English, Italian and Spanish versions of the WiziShop blog are launched. A first Ebook version is available as well in each language.

Acquisition of Qualead

First acquisition for WiziShop!

WiziShop makes a wonderful acquisition in October 2015. Qualead, which is editing 5 thematic shopping guides, is now part of the group and enables French online retailers to boost their online visibility with this new service, renamed Guides Shopping.

.Shop Pioneer

WiziShop is in the .Shop Pioneer program!

WiziShop has the chance to be part of the .shop pioneer program and get early access to the .shop

3 co-founders at the service of the group

Grégory Beyrouti


CEO and Marketing Manager of the WiziShop group

René Cotton


Co-founder and CTO of the WiziShop group

Cédric Piazza


COO and Commercial Manager of the WiziShop group

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